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Cuddles for my soul, with a sprinkle of adventure and a pinch of light-heartedness.

I’m Lucia Busato, introducing myself and telling you what travelling means to me it’s quite hard, but I will try to do my very best.

I’ve always thought that the journey matters much more than the final destination, any way you do it: walking, by train, car or motorbike.

An invisible wire connects the world and me. At the same time I find myself running in a new inner and deeper journey which involves emotions and moods repainting my soul and my mind.

It’s so strange how brimming of disenchanting expectations, linguistic and cultural contamination and culinary heritages a journey can be, that I always realize it when I’m back home and I wonder on my way of living.

Each experience, place, glance and much more immediately finds its own space in the virtual drawer of memories, ready to be recalled whenever I need to smile or daydream.

It seems that the travel is the perfect combination of energy and calm, unexpected and planned, exotic and tradition. Travelling regenerates myself and gives me the best opportunity to hold my thoughts from their frenetic daily run. It brings me back to my childhood, keeping me growing up. Like the salmon changes during its countercurrent run, I feel travelling leads to a never-ending metamorphosis, which opens to new possibilities and perspectives.

Who knows me well also knows that I’m always looking for new challenges and what else? I’m even not sure what I’m looking for. The only reason I’m travelling is travelling. It is exactly at this point that travelling becomes much more than a displacement but discovering and understanding myself. I’m still listening to me while creating a new secret conversation with myself, a dialogue with the place I’m currently experiencing and which will leave an unforgettable mark in my heart. I’ve always moved from my rational to my emotional side and back and I’ve finally decided to bring my passion for travelling in a blog, in order to share with you my experiences and emotions.

I’ve been looking for my blog name for a long and finally it found me. And if you think this name sounds too strange for a travel blog please believe me, it doesn’t.

I’m a lonely salmon (almost) and I’ve always collected newspaper clippings and a long list of favorites to plan (not too much) by myself the next destination. As in the salmon countercurrent run, I try to arrange my trip towards unusual destinations or to visit the most common ones from a different perspective.

I’ve never loved prepacked journeys and I really feel lucky when I think I have found in my husband the very best traveller I could ever travel with. So first of all I would like to address to those who find in their life partner their best travel companion as well, hoping this blog will give you some good inspirations.

Travelling with my husband Maurizio (thanks Mauri for most of the pictures in the blog!) regenerates myself and gives me a freedom sensation. We are on the same line and share the same enthusiasm  and passion for travelling. No watches, no schedules, it’s just  me and him smiling and laughing for our jokes and misadventures.

Of course I don’t want to say it’s absolutely necessary to move to the opposite side of the world to feel the powerful strength and the beneficial of travelling. I don’t think that a travel is a travel only if I go far away from my country.

I love my Veneto and my Vicenza and I couldn’t imagine to wake up in the morning without my gaze drawn by the enchanting view on the Prealpi Vicentine.

And if you’re wondering what you will find in this blog, I will try to explain immediately: thoughts, inspirations, a sense of lightness and some smiles ... but also enveloping perfumes, colors and immersive sensations that are mixed with my temperament and some lively and romantic fragrances.

Last but not least you will find a couple of minutes for yourself to dream about the next destination.

I wish your heart and soul a very nice journey.